A dancer in
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We make dance accessible by creating an environment where every person can experience the joy of dance

Join the Acosta Dance Foundation

When you join the Acosta Dance Foundation family, and however you choose to support us, you will be helping us to continue our life-changing work with dancers and choreographers all around the world.

Education and Community Engagement Programmes

The ECPs of the Acosta Dance Foundation focus on introducing students to the rich dance legacy of Cuba while enhancing their understanding of movement vocabulary, music rhythms, and dance traditions. The programmes are designed in collaboration with local schools, organisations, and Woolwich Works to provide accessible opportunities for students to engage in world-class dance activities. The overarching goal is to create a dancer in every home, sparking curiosity, creativity, and an enduring appreciation for dance.

Acosta Advanced Training Hub

A free year-long ballet and contemporary dance training and performance program aimed at nurturing young talent. Offering a unique curriculum inspired by the Acosta Danza Academy in Havana, Cuba,

Carlos Acosta Choreographic Fellowship 24

The Carlos Acosta Choreographic Fellowship is an annual program supported by the ADF that aids international dance artists, practitioners, choreographers, and researchers in the choreographic field.

Acosta En Casa

A digital platform for individuals and organisations looking for high-quality dance digital content – all at a click of a button. Coming soon.

Acosta Dance Academy

Headquartered in Havana-Cuba, the Acosta Dance Academy aims to transform the lives of young, talented dancers who would not otherwise have the opportunity to train or study by offering free places on a three-year course.

Acosta Dance Centre

Coming in 2023. Our new global headquarters will be an international reference for dance and will be a place for dance-creative practitioners, industry professionals and the community with dance-related interests to come together in an artistic space.

Acosta Danza

Carlos' own dance company, a taste of Cuba, a true representation of the Cuban culture. A company generous of spirit, explosive and full of charisma.

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