Education & Community Engagement

Developing dance interest, desire & action

The Foundation’s Education & Community Programmes aim to nurture children and young adults in the understanding of dance as an art form. We aim to develop their interest in dance & desire for dancing. Our school programmes inspire them to explore, encourage them to create, and empower them to believe.

With our unique history of showcasing diverse Cuban artists and traditional Cuban dance/works, The Acosta Dance Foundation’s rich repertoire is the cornerstone for creating lasting cultural and learning possibilities around the Greenwich borough and beyond.

Partnering with Woolwich Works, local schools and organisations, the ADF will provide an array of accessible opportunities to experience world-class dance activities sustained by our solid Cuban heritage. Aligned with our cause to create a dancer in every home, our programs are designed to introduce Cuba’s richest dance legacy and a mastership in movement vocabulary, music rhythms and dance tradition. We are committed to bringing the best in dance to all. Through single and multi-day workshops, the strength of our engagement lies in the individuality of our lessons, how they will adapt to each classroom’s needs, and the possibilities of each pupil.

Introducing Acosta Rise up & Dance

The Acosta Dance Foundation is proud to present a comprehensive and coordinated plan for providing educational, recreational, social, and cultural services for all people in the Greenwich Borough. A variety of education and community programs in partnership with Woolwich Works will offer an unstructured and effective way to respond to the local cultural challenges by improving dance awareness.
Acosta Rise up and Dance aims to expand the Acosta Dance Centre’s role of being a reference for dance by diversifying the art form and creating a mutually interdependent relationship between the community, schools, and the services we will offer.

Support the Foundation’s Engagement Programmes

Private Schools Customised Programmes

The Foundation’s core aim continues to create unrestricted access to dance for the unrepresented. We can develop an array of workshop series customised to any school’s needs and directed to educate, promote and develop dance awareness in young people.

Our differentiation offering will entail the highest quality of educational dance training by developing an environment that will foster lifelong learning and establish opportunities for involving the pupils and the school in planning and decision-making


If you are a school, public or private and would like to talk to us, or if you have any questions or need further assistance with the Foundation’s engagement programmes, please get in touch with the team by emailing
[email protected].

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