A Community Dance Triple Bill – 18 July 2024. 6 PM

Acosta Dance Foundation & the Acosta Dance Centre, in collaboration with Tanztheater, invite you to a sharing of “A Community Dance Triple Bill.” Under the direction of choreographer and Tanztheater practitioner Adrian Look, we present a performance featuring three pieces.

The first piece was created in four free workshops sponsored by the Acosta Dance Foundation with the aim of establishing a community dance group. Embodying the values of identity, continuity, respect, diversity, and creativity, our community dance group celebrates the universal language of dance. Rooted in the rich cultural legacies of Cuban and German traditions, we share our stories, experiences, and voices through movement.

The second and third pieces were developed throughout the summer term by existing performance groups from Morley College and The Place, respectively.

All three pieces employ the Questioning and Answering approach, developed by choreographer Pina Bausch, designed to create a platform for honest and authentic exploration of each participant’s themes and topics within the broader context of community and human society.

Join us at Woolwich Works on July 18th for this one-time-only performance.

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