Ballet General

The perfect class for those revisiting ballet as an adult

This class will focus on alignment, the foundation of ballet technique & movement quality – recommended for those students with some ballet knowledge, pre-professional ballet dancers and adults returning to ballet after learning as a child. Our general level will work on perfecting the technique, movements, arms and coordination through several different combinations.

Our ballet classes are about how your body moves naturally in everyday life and how that natural movement transfers to ballet. This class is also an excellent option for those looking to challenge themselves and increase their ballet technique.

Laura Rodriguez

Born in Ciego de Avila in 2002, she began her dance studies in the Art School “Luis Casas Romero” in the city of Camagüey. Five years later, she continued at the Academy of Arts “Vicentina de la Torre” in the same town. During her student years, she appeared in two editions of the International Ballet Competition for Students held in Havana, where she won the gold medal. Upon graduation, she joined the Ballet of Camagüey. In this company, she achieved the rank of Principal Dancer. Her repertoire consists of the main characters of historical ballets as Grand Pas de Quatre, Swan Lake, La fille mal gardée, Paquita, the pas de trois of The Fairy Dolls, Don Quixote, the second act of the ballet Giselleand The Dying Swan of Michel Fokine. She has danced in Cuban choreographer ballets like Vivaldi by Jose Antonio Chavez, Majísimo by Jorge Garcia, Avalanche by Osvaldo Beiro, Forms for concern by Menia Martinez and Nisi Dominus by Jorge Lefebre, including more contemporary works such as the Pilgrims duet by Gonzalo Galguera.

In 2015 she became part of Acosta Danza. She danced Carlos’ Tocororo Suite and Carmen. With Carlos as a partner, Laura also premiered in Cuba the female lead role of Don Quixote (scenes) in the Acosta version. She has also danced Mil años después, choreography by Saburo Teshigawara; Belles Lettres by Justin Peck; Rooster by Christopher Bruce; Paysage soudain, La nuit, by Pontus Lidberg; Imponderable and Alrededor no hay nada, by Goyo Montero; Mundo interpretado, by Juliano Nunes; Soledad, by Rafael Bonachela; Babbel 2.0, by María Rovira; Soledad, by Rafael Bonachela; Portal, by Juanjo Arqués; Avium, by Ely Regina Hernández; Anadromous and Satori, by Raúl Reinoso; Twelve, by Jorge Crecis; Rodríguez participated in Carlos Acosta’s show “A Classical Farawell” in United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Hong Kong, performing the pas de deux Diana and Acteón and the ballet Majísimo with Carlos Acosta; as well as the love duet between Carmen and Escamillo in Carlos Acosta´s version of Carmen. As a member of Acosta Danza, she participated in the film Yuli, a film about the life of Carlos Acosta, directed by Icíar Bollaín. In 2021, Laura accompanied Carlos Acosta in the show On Before in the United Kingdom. She is a ballet pedagogue and teacher and dancer with Acosta Danza. 

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What to wear & ADF studio rules:

The Ballet Studio rules:

  • Please remember that there will be rehearsals and another class in the studio outside your scheduled rehearsal/class, so please make sure everything is cleared away each day before leaving.
  • Please don’t leave anything in the studios when you are not there.
  • Attire for ballet classes should be loose and comfortable to allow a full range of movement. We also recommend wearing ballet slippers (demi-pointe ballet shoes). Socks are not allowed. No outdoor shoes or trainers when rehearsing are to be worn in the studios. Either ballet shoes or bare feet are acceptable (unless otherwise stated).
  • You cannot use any electrical equipment onsite unless our technical team has first checked it, there is equipment in the studio to play music etc.
  • Please don’t put anything on the piano or the fireplace (studios 1& 2). Do not move or sit on the piano.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the studios, except water in plastic bottles with a secure cap.
  • No high heels are allowed.
  • No smoking.
  • No rosin. No talcum powder.
  • When leaving, turn off all sound equipment and lights.

If you find a rehearsal area is in a condition that is cause for concern, i.e. damaged or needs cleaning, please report this to the reception or a member of the ADC staff.

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