Ballet Yoga

Awakening your dance consciousness through movements

Immerse yourself in a transformative and restorative experience by awakening your dance consciousness through movements. This workshop is designed for those who want to learn the basic ballet steps through a customized yoga class that balances your “doshas.”

Through this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how to dance using a yoga approach while developing the following skills:

  • Incorporating breathing and relaxation techniques into your dance steps
  • Increasing awareness of the action of walking
  • Developing independence of different body parts when dancing or moving

Regardless of your profession, this workshop will provide you with the tools to implement these techniques into your daily routine.

Ballet Yoga combines the benefits of yoga with the grace and beauty of ballet. Through this practice, you will learn how to flow with the power of yoga and the elegance of ballet, leading to a transformative and restorative balance between ballet movements and body consciousness. Don’t miss this opportunity to awaken your dance consciousness and experience the best of both worlds.

Mario Sergio Elias

Born in Cienfuegos, Mario began his dance studies in 2005 at the “Benny Moré” Vocational Art School in his province. In 2007, he travelled to Villa Clara and continued his studies at the “Samuel Feijóo” Professional School of Art. In that period, he was part of the Talares company under the direction of Yasim Herrera. In 2008 he enrolled in the National Art School of Cuba. He joined Contemporary Dance of Cuba in 2012. In this company, directed by maestro Miguel Iglesias, he reached the category of Premier Dancer and performed on stages in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Colombia, Switzerland and Poland; she danced in works such as Demo-N/Crazy, by the Spanish Rafael Bonachela; Tocororo, Cuban fable, by Cuban Carlos Acosta; the shows Compás and Folía, by Dutchman Jan Linkens; Cuban tangos by Englishman Billy Cowie; Mambo 3XXI and La Ecuación, by Cuban George Céspedes; and Sombrisa, by the Israeli Itsik Galili. He has worked as a dancer in the conception of works such as MeKniksmo, Identidad-1, and Matria Etnocentra by George Céspedes; Mercury and The Crystal by Julio César Iglesias; Drama by Ibsen by Luvién Mederos; transfer. Without wanting to look back, by Norge Cedeño; Reversible, by the Belgian Annabelle Lopez Ochoa; and Caprisis, by the Spanish Àngels Margarit. In 2014 and 2015, he participated in the show Cubanía, by Carlos Acosta, at the Royal Opera House in London. She has been part of Acosta Danza since 2015. She has performed works such as El cruce sobre el Niágara and Cor, by Marianela Boán; Carmen, Don Quixote (scenes) and Tocororo Suite, choreographies by Carlos Acosta; There is nothing around, Imponderable and Llamada by Goyo Montero; Interpreted World, by Juliano Nunes; Twelve, by Jorge Crecis; Portal, by Juanjo Arqués; Loneliness, by Rafael Bonachela; Majísimo, by Jorge García; the pas de deux from La sylphide, by Augusto Bournonville; Babbel 2.0, by María Rovira; Hokiri, by Mickael Marso Riviere; Avium, by Ely Regina Hernández; Landslide, by Miguel Altunaga and End to End, by Alexis Fernández (Maca).

He is passionate about YOGA and breathing exercises that awaken your dance consciousness.

Mario has developed his own curriculum and practices it with non-professionals and professional dancers.

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What to wear & ADF studio rules:

The Yoga Studio rules:

  • Please remember that there will be rehearsals and another class in the studio outside your scheduled rehearsal/class, so please make sure everything is cleared away each day before leaving.
  • Please don’t leave anything in the studios when you are not there.
  • Attire for YOGA classes should be loose and comfortable to allow a full range of movement. We also recommend wearing ballet slippers (demi-pointe ballet shoes). Socks are not allowed. No outdoor shoes or trainers when rehearsing are to be worn in the studios. Either ballet shoes or bare feet are acceptable (unless otherwise stated).
  • You cannot use any electrical equipment onsite unless our technical team has first checked it, there is equipment in the studio to play music etc.
  • Please don’t put anything on the piano or the fireplace (studios 1& 2). Do not move or sit on the piano.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the studios, except water in plastic bottles with a secure cap.
  • No high heels are allowed.
  • No smoking.
  • No rosin. No talcum powder.
  • When leaving, turn off all sound equipment and lights.

If you find a rehearsal area is in a condition that is cause for concern, i.e. damaged or needs cleaning, please report this to the reception or a member of the ADC staff.

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