The Foundation

Acosta Dance Foundation

Carlos Acosta created the Acosta Dance Foundation (ADF) in 2011 (previously named Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation) – inspired by his own life experience, which took him from a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Havana to becoming one of the most talented dancers of his generation.

The Foundation is an incorporated limited company and a registered charity. The Foundation enables and assists the promotion of public education and knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts, particularly ballet, drama, music, the visual arts, theatrical design, lighting, stagecraft, and similar and ancillary arts.

A Solid Cuban Heritage

The Foundation aims to create easy access to dance for anyone in the community while marrying the artistic excellence of the Acosta Danza Academy in Cuba, the Acosta Danza Company, and the Acosta Dance Centre in London. All three areas of the Foundation’s work underpin Carlos’ vision to inspire others from local communities to make positive life choices and transformational change through the power of dance.

Our Cause

“Bringing dance to the masses by creating a dancer in every home.”

We believe in the power of dance as a tool for changing attitudes. We craft creative opportunities for every human through the joy of dance. We make dance accessible by creating an environment where every human being can dance.

-Carlos Acosta-

Our Values

The Foundation’s core values and beliefs are aligned with Carlos’ purpose to offer hope and opportunity so that people may realise their creative potential. Our values include:

Personality & Authenticity
We want to shape the way people know about us by bringing kindness, thoughtfulness, and an orientation toward family values into everything we do.

Fun translates into everything we do; we celebrate our stakeholder’s success in all ways.

We are a place where creativity and risk-taking are encouraged, and artistic innovation through dance is nurtured.

We are givers
We thrive by seeing the impact we make on others.

We communicate with integrity and clarity.

The Cuban culture and artistic DNA of Carlos’ vision underpin everything we do.

We recognise everyone’s right to access our work and respect and accept everyone without bias.

Join the Acosta Dance Foundation family

If you are as passionate about helping the new generation of dancers as we are, we invite you to join our cause of creating a dancer in every home. Please consider supporting the Acosta Dance Foundation’s commitment to students and artists and the development of the future of our art form.

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