Want to express yourself through dance?

Join the best of our amazing artists from the Acosta Danza company. This spring term, in the Acosta Dance Centre studios, they will deliver a new set of pilot classes for contemporary dance lovers.
The classes are designed for non-professional dancers; no level is needed as an entry requirement.
Develop confidence and articulacy in your everyday dancing. Yasser will walk through an explorative and responsive way of movement where your body’s organic mobility and strength will guide a devised and accessible set of exercises. We encourage you to discover and create your own training method through personal expression and improvisation work.

Class characteristics:
-Release technique
-Space awareness
-Floor work
-Body awareness
-& a lot of fun

Yasser Domíngues

Yasser Domingues’ teaching method is centred around empowering individuals to discover and explore their own bodies through movement. His approach is rooted in the belief that everyone has the ability to move and express themselves, regardless of their background or experience. The method incorporates a range of physical techniques, including Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Folklore, and more, to provide students with a diverse toolkit to work with. The emphasis is on developing independence, plasticity, relaxation, strengthening, and exploring various sensations and images to create an authentic and unique movement vocabulary. Through this method, Domingues seeks to encourage individuals to listen to and love their bodies, while pushing themselves to explore and experiment with movement in new and exciting ways.

Introducing Yasser Dominguez – an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and teacher with a passion for contemporary dance. Yasser began his dance journey in 2005 at the Regino Eladio Boti Vocational School of Art, where he quickly made a name for himself, participating in national dance events and competitions. He continued his training at the Professional Art School under the tutelage of esteemed contemporary teachers such as Ladislao Navarro, Ernesto Llewelyn, and Alfredo Velásquez.

In 2012, Yasser’s talent was recognized at the Ernestina Quintana Contest, where he won the award for Best Male Performance. The same year, he joined the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba (DCC) and began performing works by renowned choreographers, both in Cuba and abroad. With DCC, Yasser guested and performed in countries such as Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, and England, showcasing his exceptional talent and unique style.

In 2016, Yasser joined Acosta Danza, founded by the legendary Carlos Acosta, and has since been a key member of the company. With Acosta Danza, he has performed in numerous productions and worked as a collaborator-teacher in many countries worldwide. Yasser’s versatility and skill have allowed him to perform works by diverse choreographers such as Sidilarbi Cherkaoui, Christopher Bruce, and Pontus Lidberg.

Apart from performing, Yasser is also an experienced teacher with years of knowledge. He has conducted workshops and masterclasses in numerous countries worldwide, sharing his passion for dance with aspiring dancers. Yasser’s dedication to his craft and his ability to inspire others make him a valuable contributor to the world of contemporary dance.

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What to wear & ADF studio rules:

The dance studio rules:

  • Please remember that there will be rehearsals and another class in the studio outside your scheduled rehearsal/class, so please make sure everything is cleared away each day before leaving.
  • Please don’t leave anything in the studios when you are not there.
  • Attire for contemporary classes should be loose and comfortable to allow a full range of movement. We also recommend wearing ballet slippers (demi-pointe ballet shoes). Socks are not allowed. No outdoor shoes or trainers when rehearsing are to be worn in the studios. Either ballet shoes or bare feet are acceptable (unless otherwise stated).
  • You cannot use any electrical equipment onsite unless our technical team has first checked it, there is equipment in the studio to play music etc.
  • Please don’t put anything on the piano or the fireplace (studios 1& 2). Do not move or sit on the piano.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the studios, except water in plastic bottles with a secure cap.
  • No high heels are allowed.
  • No smoking.
  • No rosin. No talcum powder.
  • When leaving, turn off all sound equipment and lights.

If you find a rehearsal area is in a condition that is cause for concern, i.e. damaged or needs cleaning, please report this to the reception or a member of the ADC staff.

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