Our Impact

Advocacy for Impact

At the Acosta Dance Foundation, we believe dance can be a transformative art experience. We exist to nurture individuals through the joy of dance and to provide visionary, responsive leadership for the dance community.

A cornerstone of the Foundation’s model is to connect people across cultures and bring dancers, art lovers and the community together dynamically and creatively. We envision an innovative, inclusive, open, and sustainable dance sector that contributes to creating vibrant, prosperous communities. We support excellence and positive impact through dance.

Support Acosta Dance Foundation

When you join the Acosta Dance Foundation family, and however you choose to support us, you will be helping us to continue our life-changing work with dancers and choreographers all around the world.

Our work so far

Since 2011 the Acosta Dance Foundation has delivered customised projects in Havana, Cuba, that bring together the best of Western and Cuban ballet traditions. Our Cuban Academy provides equal opportunities for creative training for young people and workshops for creative dance practitioners under one roof.

We play a pivotal role in developing talented young people by giving them the opportunities to follow their dreams and transform their lives through the joy of dance.
Today, the Academy in Havana offers full qualifications in Dance and unparalleled support for hundreds of students around Cuba. The Academy’s education provision is positioned alongside the Foundation’s work with creative practitioners and businesses, offering space and support and providing our students with high-quality dance training.
We deliver our activities and projects in collaboration with Acosta Danza and a wide range of profession- al artists, dance makers and creatives. This model enables our partnering entities to interact with young people and the wider community and embed social responsibility into our daily practice.

Developing Talent

The Academy’s training curriculum is rooted in the original Cuban ballet method but includes innovative elements not previously formed part of a classical ballet dancer’s training. These include contemporary dance components and folkloric dance that draws on Cuba’s rich Spanish and African heritages. The Academy will produce dancers as confident and competent in performing classical ballet as contemporary and folkloric dance and possess the skill to perform choreographies that are a fusion of all three. This unique approach responds to Carlos’ vision for the art form’s evolution as a new generation of dancers takes it forward in the 21st Century.

International Impact

The Acosta Dance Foundation is seeking to keep developing its impact by establishinig a number of projects worldwide. If you are interested in proposing a project or partnering with the Foundation on any project please get in touch.

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