Dazzling Talents: Acosta Danza Academy Students Shine at Prix de Lausanne 2024

The students Alejandro Figueredo Moreno and Ernesto Brallant Muñoz Martín, from the Acosta Danza Academy, will be competing tonight with the choreography “Somnium” in the Young Creation Award at the Prix de Lausanne 2024. These two young individuals, currently in their second year at the school under the direction of Carlos Acosta, have been selected as part of the five finalists from all the applicants associated with the Prix partner academies.

The Young Creation Award serves as a platform to discover emerging talents among young aspiring choreographers and to encourage the development of new artistic works.

In addition, María del Carmen Pantoja will represent the Cuban academy in the Choreographic Project of the Schools Associated with the Prix, a workshop separate from the competition. The piece created during this process is scheduled to debut at the final galas of the Prix de Lausanne.

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