Acosta Danza Academy Excels at Prix de Lausanne 2024 Competition: Celebrating Emerging Talents

Students from our renowned Acosta Danza Academy in Havana Cuba are set to shine at the highly anticipated Prix de Lausanne 2024 Competition, scheduled from January 28 to February 4. Among the standout participants are second-year students María del Carmen Pantoja Monier, Alejandro Figueredo Moreno, and Ernesto Brallant Muñoz Martín, each showcasing exceptional talent and creativity.

María del Carmen Pantoja is set to represent the Cuban Academy in the Choreographic Project of the Prix Associated Schools, an exclusive workshop parallel to the main competition. Collaborating with choreographer Kinsun Chan, participants will unite with young dancers worldwide for a week, culminating in the premiere of their collaborative piece at the Prix de Lausanne’s final galas.

Meanwhile, the spotlight is on Alejandro Figueredo and Ernesto Brallant Muñoz, who have been selected as finalists for the esteemed Young Creation Award. Figueredo, as a choreographer, and Muñoz, as a performer, will present their striking solo piece “Somnium,” earning their places among the five finalists from candidates across the Prix partner academies.

The Young Creation Award aims to unearth budding talents among aspiring choreographers, fostering a platform for the creation of new and innovative works. It serves as a catalyst for nurturing imagination and creativity in young dancers, fostering an environment that values artistry and choreographic technique within a competitive yet constructive setting.

The Acosta Danza Academy has a history of commendable participation in the Prix de Lausanne. Past engagements include students Chay Deivis and Amisaday Naara in the Choreographic Project and Leandro Fernández’s impressive semifinal journey in the competition. Aniel Pazos Ferrera was previously selected for the Choreographic Project in 2023.

Notably, the Prix de Lausanne boasts a rich history, most notably highlighted by the remarkable gold medal victory of Carlos Acosta in 1990. This milestone served as a pivotal moment that catapulted the Cuban dancer into a remarkable and illustrious international career, inspiring generations of aspiring dancers globally.

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